MPCC Adult Basketball League Rules and Game Regulations

The following is a list of rules that will be in effect for the games.

1. The league shall operate under high school rules with the following exceptions a) A roster must be turned in prior to the season. This will also include the name and telephone numbers of the players and person designated as the coach. 15 player maximum/team. b) Rosters are frozen after the fifth game of the season. No additions will be allowed after this time.2 players are allowed on the roster that are between the ages of 32-34. c) 20 minute halves (running clock, except for the last 2 minutes of each half) and a 3-minute halftime. d) Overtime periods will be 4 minutes. Each team will be granted one time out per overtime. e) The first and second overtime periods will be 4 minutes and the clock will stop normally. The third overtime period will be sudden death with the first team to score declared the winner.

2. Each team will be granted two total timeouts per half. Timeouts may not be carried over.

3. Technical Fouls: Technical fouls are considered personal fouls. If a player commits two technical fouls in one game, he shall be disqualified from the game. If the technical fouls are of the flagrant nature (as determined by the referees and the League director), the player will need to vacate the gymnasium immediately and may be disqualified from following games (again, as determined by the referees and the League director). If a team commits three flagrant fouls, the team shall forfeit the game. All technical fouls are at the discretion of the League director and can result in forfeit, suspensions and/or expulsion from the league.

4. If a player, manager or coach is ejected from a game, this person is automatically suspended from the next game his/her team plays. A second offense by the same person shall result in suspension for the remainder of the season. Any team that has three (3) ejections by either players or coaches will be suspended for the remainder of the season. This rule is not subject to protest or review.

5. Under the high school rules, on the third technical foul on the bench personnel, the head coach is charged and will have to leave the building even if his actions were not unsportsmanlike-like., In case of a player/coach, the player/coach may avoid a one game suspension and return to the next game if he is not at fault in the discretion of the officials and the Community Center Directions.

6. Teams must have four players to start a game. Teams will be given a six minute grace period from the scheduled game start time. If a team does not have players to start the game they will forfeit the game. A team may finish a game with as few as four players. If a player fouls out and the team may not continue due to having less than four players, a) A Team can start a game with 4 players but must have a Fifth (5th) Player by Halftime. If that team does not have a Fifth (5th) player by halftime, then they must forfeit the game.

7. All players must check in with the score table and official scorekeeper before entering the game and may only enter the game on a dead ball. All players must have their number reported to the scorekeeper before the start of the game. Failure to do so will result in a technical foul.

8. The team captain or coach is responsible for the conduct of his players on the court and on the bench. The captain or coach is the only member of the team who may talk to the officials during the game. This may be done only when time out is called and granted! Failure to abide by this rule may result in a technical foul. f) All participants must be at least 35 years of age or older. 2 players are allowed on the roster that are between the ages of 32-34.

9. Player can only be on one roster.

10.Any team that uses a player not listed on the official roster will forfeit that game. Rosters are not available for public viewing. If the game is protested for this reason, the team protesting must report to the league director Monday-Friday and officially lodge a protest. ***If you wish to challenge the legality of a player, you must request that the player in question present a valid ID to the officials, the game officials may ask the desk staff to check the roster or contact the league director the following day***

11.Player Conduct: No player shall threaten an opposing player, spectator, official, or scorekeeper in any manner. Threatening conduct will result in disqualification from the game and suspension from the following game. Threatening conduct may result in removal from the league altogether and is at the discretion of the program director

12.Officials have the final decision during the game. The official has full authority to remove any players/spectators/coaches from the gym or playing area, if in his judgment such action is necessary to maintain proper playing conditions.

13.Each team must wear the color jersey specified on their form with numbers on the back.

14.Cursing or inappropriate gestures will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate technical foul.

15.Six fouls to foul out of the game. Seven fouls to penalty.

16.If a team forfeit’s more than three games without notifying the league director, they will be automatically removed from the league and forfeit the remainder of their games.