8/9 Division

Department of Parks and Recreation

99 Adams Street

Manassas Park, VA 20111

(703) 335-8872

Manassas Park Youth Basketball League

 Rules and Game Regulations

8-9 Age division

Division Rules:

The following is a list of rules that differ from VHSL. These rules will be in effect for the games.

 8-9 year olds will play 2 – 20 minute halves with a 3 minute half time. They will play full court 5 on 5 with lowered baskets, 9 ft. and a Jr./intermediate size 28.5 ball.  Games can be played on Saturdays, and weeknights.

–          3 point shots – Count in this age division.

–          Free Throw Line – Use regulation line, the basket is lowered.

–          Backboard Height – 9 feet

–          Bench Location – Team benches will be located opposite of spectators, with parents and team benches not exceeding past the first hash mark on the court. Only two designated coaches per team allowed on the sideline, and they must remain within the hash marks.

–          Substitution – X marks the spot. Players must check in at the score table and remain on the spot until subbed.

–          Referees – Two officials per game. Officials have final say, and may override scorekeeper. They should arrive 15 minutes before tip off. The officials must sign the scorebook for ages 6-12.

–          Scorekeepers Duties – Collect rosters from coaches and record them into designated scorebook. Communicate with coaches and officials, and notify officials of substitution (if applicable.) Keep score by player and running score, record fouls (if applicable,) and notify officials and coaches if player has fouled out.

–          Clock –Clock will stop for all dead balls, i.e. fouls, out of bounds, timeouts. Clock stops for all serious injuries and blood.

–          Fouls – A player receiving their 6th foul will foul out.

–          Timeout – Clock stops for all timeouts.  Each team will be allowed two timeouts per half, each 60 seconds long.

–          2 Minute Warning – At the 2:00 min. mark before the end of each half (2QT & 4QT), the referee should stop the play of the game and let coaches know it’s the two minute warning. If play is in progress during 2:00 minutes, then the referee should not make the announcement of the warning until the next dead ball.  Players are to retreat to their benches. Although this is a brief stoppage in play, no timeout will be assessed to any team.

–          Substitutions – Substitutions may be made at half time, during any timeout, during multiple free-throws (if applicable,) dead ball, or injury. Any player dismissed for uniform or equipment must be re-checked by the official before re-entering a dead ball. Player with an injury requiring coach intervention must leave the court, but may re-enter during the next dead ball. Players showing bodily fluids or potentially contagious conditions must leave the game, and may not return. Players losing consciousness need a doctor’s note to return to any league function, practice or game.

–          Forfeit, due to lack of players – If a team does not have five players to start the game, they will be allowed to play with four players. The opposing team will also have to use four players. If a team has less than four or less players at half time, the game will be a forfeit. There will be a five minute grace period. If after that five minutes, there is still not enough participants to field a team then it will be considered a forfeit.

–          Maintaining of books and scoreboard – Each game it is up to the coach to find a parent or asst. coach to keep track of the scoreboard and the books.

–          Uniforms – Players must wear rubber/non-marking soled shoes and must wear league jersey tucked into shorts. Braces/casts must be covered with soft padding and be approved by the official before the game. Head decorations, barrettes, hats, jewelry or anything related may not be worn in practices or games with the exceptions of religious medals and customs. Long fingernails, long hairs, hair that is beaded or braided pose potential injury and must be wrapped or pulled back to insure the safety of all players.

–          Overtime – There is to be NO overtime in the regular season!  Games will end in a tie. In the Playoffs there will be 3 minute overtime until a winner is determined.

–          Double Teaming – There will be no double teaming allowed outside of the 3 Point area. Teams must play Man to Man or a Zone defense. Double teaming a player can only occur inside of the 3 Point area. Referees will enforce this rule.

–          Pressing – May press in the last 2 minutes of the second half and OT. May not press if a team is up to a 20 point lead.

–          Zone Defense – Zone defense is required to be played if a team is leading by more than 20 points. Zone defense can not extend further than the 3 point line. Man to Man defense can be played anytime before a 20 point lead.

–          Back Court Rules – Must advance the ball over half court within 10 seconds; however it is the official’s discretion whether or not to turn over possession.

–          5 Second Rule – When possession is in the frontcourt the ball handler may not hold or dribble the ball for longer then 5 seconds

–          3 Second Lane Violation – Will be in effect.

–          Technical Fouls – If an official awards a technical foul to a coach or player, the opposing team will be awarded an automatic two points and half court possession to restart. If the coach or player receives a second technical foul in the same game, they will be removed from the game and serve an additional one game suspension. If an official awards a technical foul to a parent or spectator a) 1st technical foul they must leave the facility for the day regardless of children or siblings; b) 2nd technical foul in a season, they will be removed from the game plus the next scheduled game and practice; c) 3rd technical foul they will removed from all league functions for the remainder of the season without refund.

–          Conduct – Sportsmanlike conduct is expected at all times. There will be no yelling at players at the free-throw line, etc. A handshake at the end of each competition is also expected.

–          The department and league reserves the right to review all of its rules and regulations and act on them based on need and applicability.