Travel Team

Manassas Park Youth Basketball League Elite


Player Eligibility

The travel teams are grade-based. This means anyone in the designated grade can participate as long as they are not more than 2 years older than others in that grade as of September 1st of that year.  For example, no player on the 6th grade team can be 13 as of September 1st of that year.  All players will be expected to provide documentation of their current grade (report card) along with a Walker ID once selected to a team.  Note that FCYBL also strictly limits the number of players in 4th grade or below who can be selected to the 10 and under teams.

Age Restrictions
For each of the teams above, the following age restrictions will occur.

1)      No player on any 5th grade team can be 12 years old on September 1st of that year.

2)      No player on any 8th grade team can be 15 years old on September 1st of that year.

Try- Out Procedures

At each tryout session, upon entering the gym, players must check in with a tryout volunteer at the registration table.  This will allow us to properly notify the coaches of the attending tryout participants.  Each player will be assigned a tryout number and given a sticker to place on their shorts.  The player will receive a sticker with their number each tryout night. This number will remain the same for all of the tryout sessions.

Areas of Evaluation at Tryouts

During tryouts, players are being evaluated under several criteria.  Below are three of the more important areas of evaluation.

  1. Basic Basketball skills

  2. Athleticism

  3. Character/Work Ethic


All results will be posted on the MPYBL website and all players will be notified by email that the tryout results have been posted on MPYBL’s website.   We expect the results to be posted no later than Sunday Oct. 8.


If selected to an MPYBL team, the cost for the winter 2017-18 travel season will be $200 per player.  This fee covers the FCYBL registration fees, uniform fees, includes two practices/week from NOV-FEB, 13 total games and any additional administrative fees. Payment will be required before the player can participate in a practice or a game.

More information regarding FCYBL can be found on their webpage at:

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